• How To Hide Online Status on WhatsApp?

    Many people want to hide online Status on WhatsApp. Are you one of them? If Yes then let you know, in this article, I am going to share an awesome trick to hide online Status on your WhatsApp account. After that, no one can check you are Online. There is no need to hide last seen through this trick. You can even also hide message seen Blue Tick with the help of this trick.

    WhatsApp is a very popular chatting app in the world. Billions of people use this app in their daily life. Its simplicity makes it more attractive. You can message to anyone whose contact number is already saved on your device; there is no need to send a friend request and all in this application. Whenever we click on any contact in WhatsApp, it starts showing his/her last seen on the top and if he/she is Online at the time, it shows Online. But what if we don’t want to show online?

    Many people say it is impossible to hide online status on WhatsApp without turning data off. But let them know, everything is possible in the technology world. There is a special MOD available of WhatsApp which includes hiding last seen the feature in it. This is not a single feature it has; it contains lots of awesome features which are not available neither on official WhatsApp nor on any other MOD apk. Well, I think you already heard about this app i.e., GBWhatsApp.

    Even if you haven’t heard about GBWhatsApp before, then let you know this is one of the most popular MOD for WhatsApp. It has so many cool features like hide blue tick, online status, apply themes, recall WhatsApp messages and much more. So, we are going to hide online status on WhatsApp using this application.

    Requirements To Hide Online Status
    Let’s have a look at some required things you must need in order to hide online status on your WhatsApp.

    Android Phone
    Internet Connection
    GBWhatsApp Apk
    These are the only three required things and whenever you are ready with these all, you can proceed to main steps. Well, nothing is special requirement needed to follow this tutorial. Let’s come to the main Trick.

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    How to Hide Online Status on WhatsApp?
    First of all, make sure you have checked requirements section which I shared above. When you are done, you can follow the steps given below.

    You have to Uninstall your old WhatsApp app from your phone to make this method run. We have to install Mod Apk of WhatsApp to use this trick. So whenever you uninstall official WhatsApp, follow the steps given below.

    1) Download GBWhatsApp Apk on your Android phone. – Download GBWhatsApp

    2) After successful download, Install and Open the app on your device.

    3) Now it will ask you to enter your mobile number, simply enter your phone number.

    4) Verify your mobile number via OTP, select your Profile Picture and Name and proceed to next button.

    Verify your mobile number via OTP
    Verify your mobile number via OTP
    5) Now, your WhatsApp is ready to use. It’s time to do the main trick in your app.

    6) Click on Top right corner and select “Privacy” option.

    7) Now, click on Hide Online Status button and you are done.

    That’s it. Voila!! Now, no one can see you online even if you are using WhatsApp at the time. You can also hide blue ticks, Second tick, etc. from the options given just below hide online status. So, let me ask isn’t it so interesting application? According to me, it is one of the best apps to use WhatsApp with lots of extra features.

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    Wrap Up: So, this is How to Hide Online Status on WhatsApp on any Android phone. There is no need to root your device to follow this tutorial. It is one of the easiest and prettiest ways to hide your online status on WhatsApp app. All you need is GBWhatsApp apk, nothing else. It will run same as like official app and plus point is, you will also get lots of additional features in this application. If you are facing any issue in this whole tutorial, feel free to ask in the comment section.

  • Flappy Bird 1.4 APK Download For Android [Latest]

    Flappy Bird is a very interesting Android game. This game is liked by millions of Android Game lovers. In this game, you have to fly your bird without getting hit by pipes. As many pipes, you can cross successfully they are the number of your scores. Many peoples have installed Flappy Bird Apk on their Android phone. If you too have played this game ever on your device then I am sure you loved this game. Well, it is not a Racing or Adventurous but still, far interesting than them. Android is the best gadget for playing games on it. Why? Because you can play the game anytime, anywhere on it while it is unable to take Laptop everywhere with you.

    As this game is not available on Play Store, you have to download it from other sources. If you try to search on the internet for Flappy Bird APK then it will show you a huge list of search results. But one of the common issue you will find in most of the websites is that they have shared the oldest version of Flappy Bird and not updated from a long time. No one wants to play the old version as it has many bugs. Its latest version is really very awesome and liked by all of its players. Also don’t forget to check Lucky Patcher app, which you should try to hack Android games like these. Well, don’t worry if you are also looking for the recently launched version of this game but you are unable to locate it anywhere. We are going to share Flappy Bird Latest Version Apk in this article.

    Download Flappy Bird Apk Latest Version For Android
    Download Flappy Bird Apk
    As Flappy Bird game is not available in the Google Play Store, it is not an easy task to get it on your Android. But no need to worry as we will provide you the latest version of Flappy Birk Apk. You can simply download this Apk on your device by a single click on the download link given below. Well, it is a very light game whose size does not cross even 1 MB. So, you can install it on any low metrics Android phone also. This download link will get updated on every new update of Flappy Bird Apk.

    Download Flappy Bird Apk

    Maybe you have played so many Games on your Android phone. But, if you haven’t played Flappy Bird then you missed an awesome game. It is a very interesting game which is so easy to play. All you need to do is, just Tap on screen to protect your Birf from getting hit by pipes. That’s it, the numbers of pipes you have crossed successfully are your score. Isn’t it heard interesting? Yeah, and I am sure you will fall in love with this game after playing it once on your smartphone. Many people have installed and playing this game for a long time. But, whenever any new version gets released, they have to open lots of websites in order to download Flappy Bird Apk latest version. If you are also looking for the same then you are at a right place.

    Requirements To Play Flappy Bird
    As you have never played this game before, I am sure you have lots of questions in mind like what are the minimum requirements to play Flappy Bird Apk. Right? Let you know, there is no special requirement to play this game on your phone. You can install & use it as like normal Apk. But if still, you want to know then here is the list of all required things:

    Android Phone.
    Flappy Bird Apk.
    These are the only required things to enjoy this amazing game on any Android smartphone. Is there anything special? Nope, even according to me there was no need to share this list. Anyone can make sense that these are the only requirements. Well, it was my duty to share this list to solve your confusion. Now, it’s time to tell you the steps for installing Flappy Bird Apk. Also have a look at mini militia APK for Android.

    How To Install Flappy Bird APK On Android
    If you have never installed any Apk on your device then I am sure you want to know what I have typed in above heading. Well, don’t worry it is a very easy task and there is no need to become a Techy guy for this. Even any newbie can install Flappy Bird Apk after checking the step shared below. Have a look at these few simple steps:

    1) First of all download Flappy Bird Apk on your device from here – Download Now

    2) Install the downloaded Apk, you will get it in the download folder.

    Install Flappy Bird Apk
    If you have never installed any App out of Play Store then it will show you a security error. To solve it, go to Settings >> Security & Fingeprint >> Tick mark on “Unknown Sources” option.

    Allow Installation of Apps from Unknown Sources
    3) Now, after making above changes try again to install Apk and you will get succeed this time.

    4) Open the Game after successful installation.

    Open Flappy Bird Game
    5) Voila! Your game is ready to play.

    Flappy Bird
    That’s it. These 5 steps are enough to make you possible to play Flappy Bird on your Android phone. Let me ask, isn’t it so easy process? Yes, it is. Now, from next time, you can follow the same procedure for installing any Apk on your device. Well, this time you have installed Flappy Bird Apk which comes in the most popular games for Android devices. Now, what are you waiting for? Just open and start playing Flappy Bird on your smartphone.

    Final Words
    In this article, we have shared Flappy Bird Apk Latest Version for all of its players. As it is very hard to find this game’s latest version, we have helped a lot of people by providing the recently released Apk. You can bookmark this page for getting new updated regularly. Whenever any new version gets released, just open this page and get your Game directly on your phone. In case, our download link will not work, feel free to inform us through the comment section. Stay tuned for more interesting Android Games, till then enjoy Flappy Bird Apk for Android. Stay tuned at APKTrendz for more cool tips & tricks like these.

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